Saturday, January 21, 2012

Settled In

We finally got settled in!
We downsized a lot so it has made a little more difficult to get everything organized, but were making it work. On the bright side, we will be saving money! Here are a few pictures...

Ellie checking out the new bathtub!

This is our very nice, but MUCH smaller kitchen. Getting everything in has been very difficult!
This is our brand new TV our parents got us for Christmas! As you can see the picture is so clear! Guess what? This is with bunny ears! Yes, we canceled our cable. We are pretty excited that we can get HD channels with bunny ears, who would have thought?

 Our bathroom has been our second difficulty. We are used to separate bathrooms so sharing one has taken some getting used to. Also, we have had to rearrange to get all our stuff in here. I'm so thankful for Hobby Lobby where I got this cool storage cabinet!
Hopefully, this will be our last move for a while.
Spring semester has started and going full force. 6 classes, and it is going to be rough. Guess its time to get busy .

Have a good weekend!


Elaine said...

Looks great. Also, love grows in little houses =)

rita said...

It's beautiful!
Love you!

rita said...

It's beautiful!
Love you!

Deidre said...

It's beautiful! Love everything. My favorite picture, though, was Ellie checking out the bath tub :)

Samantha said...

Looks great! We have bunny ears too! People think we are crazy with no satellite but we love it! Love your place!